About Us

Ushers are required to be punctual and time conscious. They should be in the church far earlier than the rest of the congregation, who may still be at Sunday school or before or during the service.
Since we are part of the service, ushers meet early in order to pray with the pastors. Adequate spiritual preparation ensures a service full of the presence of God.
Ushers are considered ambassador for the church, and a key part in the Body of Christ. Our role is supposed to continue long after the church has adjourned. The life of an usher is an example of Christian living in everyday life. Daily conduct is in line with the Word.

The church usher ministry entails:

  • Greet people entering the service
  • Seat attendees (though it is common for attendees to seat themselves)
  • Collect the tithes and offering
  • Keeping order at the entrance
  • Cleaning and preparing the Church
  • Distribute bulletins and service programmes
  • Prepare the altar for service.
  • Orient new visitors/members

Our Mission

We have a strong sense of community with parishioners. People and children of all ages.There are encouraged to learn about their own faith and the role of the church in our community. We will carefully select, support and train.

Our Vision

  • We will seek to offer informed pastoral care.
  • Anyone who has suffered abuse developing.
  • The importance of understanding.
  • Including people's feelings.
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